Outline and Structure of Course

This course comprises of three (3) modules. The module outline includes; (1) Introduction (2) Justification of the subject (3) Main course content The introductory part gives a general overview on the subject and what the course promises to deliver. The second module justifies the reason for this course and why this particular subject is essential for knowledge. The third module is the body of this course; it contains the entire intellectual structure of the course.

The course consists of literature text, video, case studies or problems to prompt student discussion in the online forums.  This course is intended for anyone interested in learning about human rights including; human rights educators, advocates,Law students , activists, law enforcement officers, lawyers, program mangers, research officers, leaders and members of coalitions and networks, staff of Non Governmental Organizations and Community Based Organizations. No prior knowledge of law, international relations or human rights is required.

Interaction with participants will be via the  Certificate Course on International Human Rights course platform and all notes and guidelines for study will be delivered and accessible to students in electronic format. To finish this course successfully, you are advised to study the units. At a particular stage in each unit, you will find assessment quizzes, you are advised to do them because they are geared towards testing your understanding of the topic discussed. The culmination of your assessment scores will count towards your final grade. The course will take about four weeks to complete so you have to allocate your time to each unit in order to complete the course successfully and on time. Do not jump units; study all of them because they have been developed hierarchically.

Candidates should have good written skill of English language and high competence and comfort with computer and Internet usage. Course participants must have a functional email account, regular access and general familiarity with the Internet. Students who successfully complete the course will receive a Certificate.

To enable the student-centred and problem solving approach underlying the module, a number of training tools are used. To facilitate the use of these tools, they are identified throughout the Module by graphic symbols. These are the symbols used: